Mar 18

Sri Rama Navami Celebration Invitation – 3/29/2015

MHT is celebrating 2015 Divine Kalyanam of Sri Sita Rama Swamy on Sunday, 29th March 2015. Our Priest Bhairav Ji from Boston is coming over to perform the Kalyan Mahostav.

Entire community is cordially invited for the Kalyanam (click here for PDF invitation)







The program details are as below:

1) 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM: Welcome, registrations

2) 10:30 AM  to 1:30 PM


3) 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM: Lunch – Prepared by volunteers and served in a traditional Indian style .

We also need volunteers for the following Seva. Kindly email if you would like to volunteer.

1) Cooking and
2) Decorations
2) Registration,crowd control and Runners
3) Food Serving
4) Photography and Video
5) Parking
6) Cleanup & trash collection
7) Kids program

Here is the invitation and Maine Hindu Temple is looking for sponsors from the community members.











Please RSVP as soon as possible to confirm your attendance. MHT needs accurate count to manage Divine Kalyanam efficiently and prepare food for all the community members.

Thank you for your continued support. We are looking forward to seeing you at Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam.

If you would like additional information about MHT or any of the events, you can visit our website or email or call (207) 370-0475.


MHT Board


Feb 28

Holi Dhamaka and Mela (Holi Dhamaka and Mela)

The Maine Hindu Temple invites the community to celebrate Holi; THE FESTIVAL OF COLORS on Sunday, March 15th 2015 from 12 pm to 3 pm.

Holi is one of the largest festivals in India and is widely celebrated by throwing colored powder and colored water at each other. It is also fondly called as “Rang Panchami”. Holi in India is celebrated at the end of the winter season on the last full moon day of the lunar month.

Holi is significant for commemorating many myths and legends and symbolizes cleansing, fresh start and celebrating the coming of spring. It brings in the spirit of togetherness and good cheer. At MHT we will play Holi only with colored powder gently. Also on this day we will have a “Mela”, a small Indian handicraft & food fair.

The program outline is:

– Puja & Aarti : 12 noon to 12.30pm
– Playing and celebrating holi,  no throwing, but gently playing with colors
– Selling Chaat and Snack items
– Selling some handicrafts/kurtis/bags etc

Please see the attached flier for more details. All proceeds will support and benefit MHT, so lets us all celebrate Holi with colors, fun and food….HOLI HAI!!

Holi Dhamaka Bhar 4

Sep 22

Navratri Mahotsav 2014


Dear Community Members,

As we, all know that Navratri begins from September 25th to October 3rd. Maine Hindu Temple invites you and your family to participate in hosting daily Mata ke Bhajan’s from September 25th to October 3rd from 6.30pm – 8.30pm, followed by Aarti and Prasad.

If anybody will like to host the Bhajan event, please email us on Daily kumkum archana will be performed. To participate in kumkum archana please register via email. Registration fees are $5. Temple will provide all the items for the archana. In addition, devotees can bring Prasad & flowers for the daily Bhajan event.

Dandiya Ras/Garba event: Sunday – September 28th.

Event Details:
4.00pm – 5.00pm – Bhajan by Maine Bhajan Mandali & Community Garba
5.15pm – 6.00pm – Aarti
6.00pm – 7.30pm – Dandiya Ras & Garba
7.30pm – 8.45pm – Prasad
8.45pm – 9.00pm – Cleanup

Devotees are encouraged to bring flowers, fruits, Prasad and food for the above event.

The following devotees have confirmed to do Bhajan during Navratri.

Sep 25th – Devi Maganti and Nagina Sawant
Sep 26th – Monika Patel and Sheily Sanghavi
Sep 27th – Malathi Dasari
Sep 28th – MHT/Maine Bhajan Mandali
Sep 29th – Bhargavi Devarajan and Vani Mallipedi
Sep 30th – Shakuntala Arugolu
Oct 1st – Chirayu Patel
Oct 2nd – Vandana Bajaj/Vivek/Umesh
Oct 3rd – Lakshmi Madhavi Kusuma

We need volunteers for the above event for all the days. Kindly email ( if you would like to volunteer.

We are grateful for your support, participation, and generosity for this noble cause! Thank you for your continued support. We are looking forward to seeing you at Navratri Mahotsav.

Please email or call (207) 370-0475 if any one needs more details or clarification.


MHT Board