Panchmukhi Ganesha – Dhan Shayanam (Save the Date – 21st Nov)

The Dhan Shayanam celebration starts on Nov 21st morning and runs until Dec 11th. The community and friends are invited to join for the Dhan Shayanam as part of Lord Panchmukhi Ganesha Prana pratistha preparations.

All the community members are encouraged to sponsor the Dhan Shayanam, During the Dhan Shayanam Lord Panchmukhi Ganesha is covered with money for 21 days. Money gets purified by donating to the good cause of covering Lord Panchmukhi Ganesha. Dhan is described as a charitable act of money for a good cause and receive divine blessing to multiply the wealth.



Please save Nov 21st for the Dhan shayanam pooja which starts around 10am. We need lots of money to cover Lord, as well as this is a rare opportunity, so please spread the message .

MHT Board