Shri SaiBaba Jaladhivasam Utsav on Sunday, August 7, 2016

As announced in yesterday community meeting, MHT is very excited to share the upcoming events. We have secured auspicious dates in discussing with Billerica Temple Priest Pradeep Sharma to perform Shri SaiBaba Kumbhabhisekam and Prana Pratishtha Utsav dates and Abhisekam for the Utsav Murthies that we can use during a chariot festival, which is celebrated throughout the year in and around the temple.

We will be celebrating Shri SaiBaba Jaladhivasam Utsav as the first step towards Shri SaiBaba Kumbhabhisekam and Prana Pratishtha Utsav.  During Jaladhivasam, Shri Sai Baba’s Murthy is completely immersed in water in a reclining position. This is done to emphasize a centrality of water in the Vedas. Water is the essence of Jyothi or light. The essence of the mantras chanted during this ritual is that all entities including vital air, animals and food are in the forms of water. Water shines brilliantly by itself and cannot be ruled over by any other entity. The truth is also considered as a form of water. All the above facts help us to understand the significance of this ritual.

Program details for 7th Aug :
5.00 pm – 8.00 pm Shri SaiBaba Jaladhivasam Utsav. Following Pooja will be performed during Shri SaiBaba Jaladhivasam Utsav.

  • Guru prarthana
  • Ganesha pooja
  • Punyahavachanam
  • Deva nandhe pooja
  • Raksha bhandanam
  • Panchagavyam
  • Panchamrita Abishekam
  • Kalasha stapanam
  • Panapathi Homam
  • Pradana Homam ( sai baba Homam )
  • Sri suktam homam
  • Purusha sookta Homam
  • Maha- poornahuthi
  • Kalasha prakara ustava for baba Kalasha Abishekam
  • Harathi , teertha prasadam
  • Asserevadam

8.00 pm: Prasad distribution

Sponsorship cost:
Kalsha water for Shri SaiBaba Jaladhivasam Utsav: $51.00 (No limit). We are looking for additional sponsors for the overall event as well.

MHT is looking for volunteers to lead and operate the following committees:

  • Annadanam:  Take initiative to arrange, come up with a menu and provide traditional festival Indian Anna Prasadam to all devotees
  • Fundraising: Come up with an innovative fundraising idea, canvas, communicate and reach out MHT community for raising funds to the Shri SaiBaba Kumbhabhisekam and Prana Pratishtha Utsav and beyond Post Prana Pratishtha
  • Event Organizer: Organize event material, decorate and priest to make an event successful
  • Building Maintenance: Need volunteer who can identify and coordinates with volunteer and vendor external

MHT will provide necessary support, guidance, and material to this committee. We are looking for lead and volunteers for above committee and appreciate signing up as a volunteer.

MHT is restructuring Dias to accommodate new deities. The new Dias for individual deity will be of size 3’x3’x2′ and 8’x4’x2′ to accommodates Shri SaiBaba, Shri Panjamukhi Ganesha, Shri Ram Parivar and other newly brought Utsava Murthies.

Additional details regarding Shri SaiBaba Prana Pratishtha Utsav will be made available as soon it is finalized.  We have important announcements that will be made available during Shri SaiBaba Jaladhivasam Utsav on 7th Aug. MHT will shortly send an invitation for the grand Shri SaiBaba Kumbhabhisekam and Prana Pratishtha Utsav.

Below is overall timetable for the Shri SaiBaba Prana Pratishtha Utsav








All community members are welcome and encouraged to participate and receive divines blessing. Please RSVP as soon as possible to confirm your attendance. All community members are encouraged to bring flowers and prasad for the above function . Please email or call(207) 370-0475, if anyone has any questions about Shri SaiBaba Jaladhivasam Utsav.

Thank you for your continued support. We hope to see you on Sunday, August 7th, 2016, for the Shri SaiBaba Jaladhivasam Utsav.

MHT Board
August 5, 2016