2016 Year end MHT newsletter

MHT board takes this opportunity thanks to each and every one who volunteered, supported MHT throughout the year 2016 and wishing the community and its members “Happy Holidays and A Happy New Year 2017“.

BalaGokulam program for Children
MHT would like to start a new BalaGokulam program for Children to engage, appreciate, learn and practice Hindu way of living called “Sanatana Dharma”.  Children need spiritual learning through fun activities and the BalaGokulam program provides an opportunity for children to perform skits and sing devotional songs during temple events. The activities are planned for Children’s physical, intellectual, social and spiritual development.

Below activities are offered and a weekly schedule will be sent out with allotted time for each of these activities.

  • Shlokas
  • Bhagavad-Gita Verses
  • Devotional songs
  • Stories/Indian games/Children Skits/dramas/Meditation
  • Fitness through Zumba

When                     : Saturdays (exact timing will be communicated later)
Ages                      : 3 to 15
Monthly Fees          : $20 for MHT members and $30 for non-members

Many thanks to Neelima Namburi (MS, MBA), who has volunteered to organize the BalaGokulam program at MHT.

MHT would also like to extend Zumba for adults.
When                    : Saturdays (exact timing will be communicated later)
Monthly Fees          : $15 for MHT members and $25 for non-members

Please reach out to MHT through email or in person during Bhajans for BalaGokulam program sign up.

Year End donation
MHT would like to remind the community that there are just 10 days left for any year end donation. MHT board will make a matching contribution to certain amount.

2017 Membership drive
MHT invites all of the community to become a member of MHT.  A yearly membership fee per family is $101 that includes preferences and a discount to the all services offered by MHT. Being a MHT member provides an opportunity to volunteer,  get involved with MHT programs and go even further.

Community giving campaign towards priest acquisition
Please consider making a contribution by clicking through the donation/pledge form. Many thanks to Aparna Basani, who has volunteered to lead the donation/pledge campaign.

Donate supplies
MHT needs pooja materials for daily as well as for the Thursday Bhajans and also needs kitchen supplies for prasadam distribution.

Please email info@mainehindutemple.org or call (207) 370-0475, if anyone needs more details or clarifications regarding BalaGokulam program or various fundraising campaigns. Thank you for your continued support.


MHT Board