MHT Maha Shivratri Celebrations

Maine Hindu Temple, is celebrating MAHA SHIVARATRI 3 day celebrations from Thursday Feb27th through Saturday March 1st.

Priest Bhairav ji has graciously agreed to give us Shiva Lingam again this year. We are planning to bring Shiva Lingam on Wednesday Feb 26th evening and planning to have Maha ShivRatri celebrations at Maine Hindu Temple from Thursday Feb27th through Saturday March 1st.

Here is the schedule and sponsorship information.

Program : Feb 27, 2014 – Thursday (Maha ShivRatri day)

Abhishekam is performed during four different prahar’s (kaala/times).
As per this year’s panchang, prahar times are as follows.

ShivRatri First Abhishekam/Puja Time = 5:22 PM to 8:38 PM
ShivRatri Second Abhishekam/Puja Time = 8:38 PM to 11:53 PM
ShivRatri Third Abhishekam/Puja Time =11:53 PM to 03:09 AM (Friday-early hours)
ShivRatri Fourth Abhishekam/PujaTime =03:09 AM+to 06:24 AM (Friday-early hours)

Sponsorship for all four times : $51.
Devotees can also sign up for any single Abhishekam for $15.

Devotees can sing Lord Shiva Bhajans throughout the night.
Program : Feb 28, 2014 – Friday
Abhishekam from 6 pm – 8 pm (Sponsorship $11)
Program : March 1, 2014 – Saturday
Abhishekam from 5 pm – 6 pm (Sponsorship $11)
Lord Shiva Bhajans 6 pm – 7 pm

Here is a Brief Snippet on Importance of ABHISHEKHAM on Sivrathri

On the day of Maha Sivarathri, Lord Siva takes the form of Linga. It is said that the Supreme Being appeared before Lord Brahma and Vishnu in the form of a ‘pillar of fire’, which had no end and beginning. Bhajans, Poojas and Abhishekams are performed on this day throughout day and night. Siva is worshiped by doing the Abhishekam that pleases Him most. Even by pouring a drop of water on the SivaLingam one will be relieved of all the difficulties, sorrows and will be blessed with joy and happiness. Abhishekam has great significance in performing pooja to Lord Siva. With chanting of Veda Mantras like Rudram & NamakaChamakam, Rudrabhishekam is performed to the Sivalinga in all the temples of Siva. Abhishekam is done not only with water but also Panchamrutham (Milk, Ghee, Curd, Honey, and Coconut Water) to please Lord Siva. Devotees perform Abhisekhams by giving their Names and Gothrams in temples. Devotees will get the equal effect by doing so as if they themselves have
performed it. Even if you take pure water to do it Bhola Shankar (another name of Lord Siva) will be pleased. One who performs Abhishekam on this Maha Sivarathri day is sure to reach the abode of Lord Siva, Kailasam, after one’s life on this earth.

Please signup for this event by sending an email to, either for volunteering or sponsoring the event.

Thank you again for your continued support. We are looking forward to this 2014 year to celebrate all the auspicious festivals like last year with you.

MHT Board